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  1. Yamini in Singapore:
    Thank you so much for the recipes, the preparations in
    process photographs, for the really interesting commentaries
    as you go along. I enjoy them thoroughly!
    P.S. Especially the attention given to seasonal tastes and basic
    whole food vegan w/butter ;-) ingredients!

    • hi Chana,
      great to know u like the recipes and enjoy reading the blog! :) where r u from btw?

      • Hi, again, Yamini,
        I was born in Brookyn, N.Y.
        Travelled some briefly through
        parts of Asia, the middle east, and the north of
        India. One child was born while I
        was living in H.K. So I relate to your
        travels and sojourn as an expatriate.
        I’ve lived in Manhattan for
        the last forty years where it seems the
        whole world has returned with me;-)
        Here’s to you! ! ! ! ! !


  2. Hi Yamini!!!

    Ur blog is so wonderful! :) I can’t wait to try out ur receipes :)
    Keep up the great job!

    • Thanks Reeta :) Glad u like my blog :) do let me know how the recipes turn out and feel free to share suggestions for improvement :)

  3. Hi Yamini
    Your Dad pointed this out to some of us, and so I took a peek…very nice indeed! I will try the Microwave Brinjals and let you know how that turns out…haven’t tried that in a microwave ever :-) Live in the SF Bay Area.

    • Thank you Anand (uncle)! glad to hear that you like the recipes :) please do try out the MW brinjals and drop me a note to tell me how they turned out :)

  4. Great site Yamini

    It will be a while before I try some of the interesting stuff you have out there in the site
    Forwarded it to several of my friends including the newly weds – will be a good inspiration for folks to check out their cooking

    I am sure soon I will see a “Veggie Delights” Book by you !!

    Keep it up and share more !!


    • It feels really good to read your comments KS (uncle). Please do try out the recipes and send me your comments on how they turned out and suggestions for improvements :)
      i am flattered you should think that writing a cookbook a possibility – and if it does come through, you will receive the first copy :)

  5. Yams – nice site and the recipes look yum.. the next time you come to India or I come to Sing.. eitherway.. you will have to make one of these Yummy cakes for me :-) good luck! inga yethaana kadai vekkanamna sollu.. branch open pannidalam :->

    • Thanks Nara (aka Babs) :) sure thing – just let me know which cake you want, and i’ll make it for you :) let’s keep kadai plans in the pipeline for now – if it does take off, you shall handle my branch in chennai :)

  6. i luv food so lets go..

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