Orange Cake

orange cake with cocoa powder and orange peel garnish

oranges have a unique flavour—one that makes them so versatile, they can be used in cakes, chocolates, candy, and even in coffee. i have always wanted to make orange cake, and try it out with different frosting/sandwich combinations. this was the first such attempt. i made an orange cake using a recipe from the internet. it was actually for a sandwich cake, but since i used a larger bake-ware than suggested, it ended up being a single-layer cake. I used white buttercream icing to frost the cake. following a friend’s idea, cake was decorated with cocoa powder and a couple of orange peel strips shaped like a heart (just in case its not obvious from the photo!).

the cake was moist, but i did wish for the flavour of the orange rind and juice used to be stronger. also, the cake seemed too soft, especially since it looked like it could break when i turned it over onto a cooling rack. the buttercream frosting was a good choice—not too sweet and a change from the chocolate combination that is usually used for cakes of this kind. i have not listed the recipe here as i wish to tweak it a bit—for one, i want to see if using more rind and/or juice would affect the consistency and flavour of the cake. and of course, i want to work out if the cake be made a bit more fluffy as well. and then, the recipe will be proudly listed here 🙂 so, please do check back!

*Photography by Saraswathi Raja Krishnan


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