Pita Pockets With Mint Dip

pita pockets

every working adult out there knows what a chore it is to put together a meal after a long day’s work; or worse, on a weekend morning, when time is best spent sleeping.
in short, the standing at the kitchen counter and assembling a complex recipe is not very attractive. so the need of the hour is for recipes that are healthy and easy tomake. and most importantly, tasty. this recipe fulfills all the above criteria.
adapted from tarla dalal’s ‘mexican pita pockets’, it is an excellent dinner or brunch option. i used very basic ingredients –  store-bought pita bread, canned kidney beans and  some fresh veges for the pockets and just mint and yoghurt for the filling and mint dip – all of which are very easy to find in your gorcery store. of course, you can add in more things and change the taste around to your preference. throw in a nice salad on the side and some lemonade, and settle in on the couch!


For pita pockets:

3 whole pieces pita bread
250 gms (approx) cooked kidney beans
2 or 3 spring onions, chopped, greens and whites separated
2 tomatoes, sliced
2 pods garlic and about 1/2-inch ginger, both either sliced or as paste
1 green chilli, chopped (optional)
1 tbsp Oil
Salt (as needed)

For mint dip:

1 cup (approx) fresh mint leaves
2 tbsp heaped natural set yoghurt (unsweetened)
Salt/cumin seeds (as needed, optional)

Making the pita pockets and the mint dip:

toast the pita bread lightly on a dry girdle or flat pan. cool, and cut into half. gently prise open the pockets if they are too close together. be careful or you could end up tearing them apart.

if using canned kidney beans, wash them and drain the water. if using raw beans, soak overnight and then pressure cook them until the beans become soft. once ready, smash up the beans, but not into a fine paste. mix in some salt, the green chillies (if using) and other spices (chilli powder, cumin powder, etc is using). keep aside.

heat the oil in a pan, and add the spring onion whites. fry for a bit, and then throw in the garlic and ginger. wait until they the onion whites are a bit translucent. don’t turn up the heat, keep it on low or medium setting.

add in the kidney beans mixture, and stir it round for a bit until the mixture becomes dry. but not so dry that it becomes powdery—it should still hold together. let it cool. make the mint dip in the meantime. put the mint leaves, yoghurt and salt/cumin seeds (if using) into a blender/processor. whip up the ingredients into a smooth dip.

take a pita pocket, and throw in some of the onion greens. stuff in a heaped tablespoon of the bean mixture. insert tomato slices into the pocket, add more onion greens on top.

dunk the pocket into the mint dip, and take a bite! yummm!!!



  1. I have tried this with black beans and corn and lot of cilantro, which of course makes it Mexican.

    1. Sounds good 🙂 will try that combination next time 🙂 thanks!

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