Orange-Cranberry Cookies

blackoard with cookie special



  1. Hi

    i tried the cranberry orange cookies and they turned out well. I added chopped walnuts to the dough and reduced the amt of cranberry.

    Thanks for sharing the simple receipe.



    1. thanks mum 🙂 glad u liked the cookies – it makes my day when the recipe passes even your test 🙂

  2. Orange and cranberries is definitely a winning combination. I have tried it in quick bread and muffins not in cookies. One question though, you have mentioned egg substitute, do you mean the egg substitutes readily available in the refrigerator section? Those substitutes do have eggs in it. It uses egg whites mainly to cut back on the cholesterol. Or is it something else egg free?

    1. i tried the orange-cranberry combination for the first time in these cookies – and i was quite surprised at how well they blended! egg substitute (aka egg replacer) is a product that is used to get a similar effect to that of eggs in baked items. it is not kept in the refrigerator section – you would more likely find it in the baking aisles (i have found it to be kept among the organic and health food section in my grocery store). this is a combination of different ingredients and is like fine flour. it does not include any form of egg or eg-white, and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike. each brand of egg replacer recommends a certain amount of the prouct (about 1 tbsp or 1-1/2 tbsp) to be mixed with water (about 2 or more tbsp) and then mixed in with the flour/dough. the most popular brand is Ener-G, but there are other brands as well for the same. however, these replacers are best used when the number of eggs used is less – and especially when the recipe calls for the egg to be beaten whole and added in. thats all i know for now about egg replacers – hope my two cents’ worth is of help 🙂

  3. Forgot to mention one more thing, if you have not already registered with, do so and more people will get to know about your blog.

    1. will do so right away – thanks for the link 🙂

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