Strawberry Jam

strawberries are among my favourite fruits. when i was a kid, i was fascinated by their shape and appearance and loved anything related to it  – like my ‘strawberry shortcake’ story book and clothes that had strawberry shapes on them 🙂 ironically, i didnt get to eat any strawberries as they were not available in madras [india], where i lived. i dont remember when i first got to eat a strawberry, but since then, it has figured on my list of favourites.

i love strawberries in almost everything – from cakes to cereal to pop tarts – except for jam. i usually pass on store-bought jam as i find it to be too sweet. so when my mum offered me a taste of her home-made jam with bread, i wasn’t too enthusiastic about it. all that changed after i took the first bite – i had just tasted the best strawberry jam ever and was an instant convert 🙂 [truth be told, anything made by my mum is fantastic!]  some days back, i smelt strawberries somewhere and was reminded of it – so i called her and got the recipe. the best part of all is that it is extremely easy and can be made in just under 30 minutes. so, all you strawberry lovers out there: go on and get a big box of the red juicy fruits and whip up some of this delicious jam today! 🙂

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1 cup strawberry pulp (*you can mash it a blender, but don’t over-puree it – tiny fruit pieces add to the taste)
1/3 cup sugar (*adjust according to the sweetness of the fruit and personal taste)
2 tsp lime juice

Making the jam:

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, pop into the microwave (do not cover) and zap on ‘high’ for about 4 minutes (*take care to check – microwave power levels vary, so keep on medium-high first if you are unsure). Take it out, stir the mixture and put it on the stove top. Cook on medium flame until the consistency of the jam is thick. To check – put a little bit on a plate, let it cool and then use your finger to pinch it. It won’t become a ball, but it will come together and not coat your fingers.  Cool completely and bottle – if you have any left to bottle after you have had a round of tasting! (*When deciding on the quantity, keep in mind that the jam will not keep for long even in the fridge as it has no preservatives – especially if you live in a humid country like me.)


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