“Honey Joy” Mini Cornflakes Bites

have you ever looked at a recipe and said to yourself, “err…thats it? it cant be all that simple, can it?” well, just last weekend, i found myself saying it in my head. i was at a lunch event organised by the Vegetarian Society of Singapore’s meetup group and found myself sharing a table with a really nice lady called Santhia Kaur. along the course of our conversation, Santhia shared that she had made some cookies and sweets for the folks who were coming for the lunch – “some” turned out to be four big boxes filled with three types of cookies (one of them was vegan) and almond burfi. what was all the more impressive was that she had stayed up late at night (past 1 am) just to make them – aint that sweet? 🙂

i loved the cookies she had brought, but one mini cookie made of cornflakes caught my attention. it had a hint of butter and honey, was not too sweet and had the oh-so-desirable combination of crispiness and chewiness. i asked Santhia for the recipe and she immediately shared it with me. i was expecting something that involved atleast a bit of labour. when i saw that all it took was three ingredients and a wee bit of work, i was pleasantly surprised (and a teensy bit doubtful as to whether there was more – what if Santhia had fingers that worked magic without her realising it?)

there was only one way to find out. i tried out the recipe at home and it worked perfectly well! 🙂 so, the next time you are short of time and need make something for that potluck, for a friend/neighbour/special someone/etc, or just want to make something for whenever, do try this out. you might soon have someone asking you for recipe. and when you share it with them, they might just look at it and say, “err…thats it? it cant be all that simple, can it?”


60gms Unsalted butter
3 cups Cornflakes
2 tbsp Pure honey

Making the Honey Joy bites:

Preheat your oven to 170 dec C. Crush the cornflakes and keep aside. Put the butter and honey into a bowl and keep on low-medium heat. Keep stirring as the butter melts and mix the honey and butter well. When the two are mixed, turn off the heat, add in the cornflakes and stir to combine. Spoon the mixture into mini paper muffin cups (you can keep them in a muffin tin if you have one, or just place them on a regular tray) and bake for 10-12 mins. Remove, cool and dig in 🙂



  1. Hi S,
    yep, there are uber-cute, and very yummy too! 🙂

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