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Almond Biscotti

its been a while since i last updated on this blog – and i have a very good reason for the long break. for the past couple of weeks, i haven’t been able to get any good clicks on my trusty 5-year-old digital camera. maybe its just me, but whatever i snap just doesn’t turn out well. and given just how […]

Cinnamon Rice Pudding

  rice pudding is one of those dishes that is common to several cultures around the world: some make elaborate versions, some just boil stuff together, some garnish with rose water, raisins or nuts, while even others add in an egg yolk (or two) to make it a cream concoction. the rice pudding i am familiar with is from South India – typically made with cooked […]

Date-&amp-Walnut Muffins

there are some classic combinations that will never lose their appeal. my last post was on one such – oatmeal and raisins in cookies – and this week, i have yet another time-honoured combination: dates and walnuts. dates are used in several sweet concoctions, but adding walnuts lends a slight bitter edge that serves to enhance […]

Oatmeal, Raisin and Chocolate-Chip Cookies

what is it about oatmeal-raisin cookies that spells instant comfort? i can’t say – and i have spent a good 10 minutes writing and erasing words trying to convey my feelings. but then again, if you like oatmeal-raisin cookies, you probably don’t need me to convince you about why they are so enticing 🙂 but apart from […]

Onion Fritters

it is said that the first six years of your life are the most important – when everything that happens around you leaves an impression on you. i am sure food falls into that category as well. i have long-standing loves that have their roots in fond childhood memories. and as you might have guessed, these […]