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Bread Upma – the Sunday brunch version

Those from the south of India would know what ‘bread upma’ is – it is a variation of a traditional dish made with bread. But it is typically bland, tastes far too strongly of turmeric and generally fails to impress. But this version is the answer to all those who wished for something more interesting. […]


mention the word “pancakes” and the image that comes to my mind is of breakfast on a beautiful weekend morning with hot pancakes and maple syrup, freshly brewed coffee and a leisurely flick through the day’s paper. i think pancakes were invented so that people could have leisurely weekend breakfasts. i haven’t had pancakes in a while, but ever […]

Mango Oatmeal Smoothie

my parents are big advocates and followers of the saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” they ensure that they have a good, healthy breakfast every single morning – and cooked oatmeal is one of their breakfast staples. oatmeal put me off completely and i was happy to stick to other options such as sandwiches and cereal. but […]

Banana, Walnuts And Chocolate-Chips Loaf

some time back, my brother did one of those random quizzes on facebook. one of the questions was something like: “what do you have in common in with your sibling?” and he answered something to the tune of: “errr, we both like food.” that is oh-so-true. my brother and i love food – it’s a family […]

Banana And Chocolate Chunk Muffins

my earliest memory of bananas is from the time when i was very young: my grandfather would cut and hand out pieces of the fruit to everyone after dinner. it was a daily ritual and every time i would refuse, claiming that i didn’t like the taste (yep, i was a fussy kid!) looking back […]