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Bread Upma – the Sunday brunch version

Those from the south of India would know what ‘bread upma’ is – it is a variation of a traditional dish made with bread. But it is typically bland, tastes far too strongly of turmeric and generally fails to impress. But this version is the answer to all those who wished for something more interesting. […]

Dhoklas And Corriander Chutney

when i was thinking about what i should blog about after all these months, i kept thinking of sweet things – a cake maybe, or something to do with chocolate. but life has a way of changing your plans! ūüôā last night, i had dhoklas and green chutney for dinner, and when i saw the […]

Cinnamon Rice Pudding

  rice pudding is one of those dishes that is common to¬†several cultures around the world:¬†some make elaborate versions, some just boil stuff together,¬†some¬†garnish with rose water,¬†raisins¬†or nuts, while even others add in an egg yolk (or two) to make it a cream concoction.¬†the¬†rice pudding i am familiar with is from South India – typically¬†made¬†with¬†cooked […]

Mushrooms in Coconut Milk Curry

i should probably call this post “the nearly forgotten one” – given that i wrote down¬†the recipe¬†ages ago,¬†but¬†forgot to post¬†it. i first tasted¬†this curry¬†some months back –¬†my mum¬†had made¬†it for dinner¬†when i had a friend over.¬†it was a nice change from the paneer and mixed-vegetable options that i usually resort to when i cook for […]

Home-made Pasta Sauce

  in the not-so-distant past, i was hit by a pasta craving and decided that i would make myself some spaghetti. when i checked my bottle of pasta sauce, i realised that it was past its expiry date. as i pencilled in pasta sauce into my grocery list, the thought struck me that i could […]