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Cupcake Decoration Techniques

yes, i know i haven’t posted anything in a while. can searing heat and smothering humidity be cited as a reason for not going near the kitchen? maybe the fact that i have been down with occasional bouts of flu/headache/stomach ache/etc. okay, truth is, i have been trying out some recipes, but they backfired. i […]

Chocolate-coated Marshmallow Pops

are there times when you see something online, and you have to – just have to – try it out? well, there are many such recipes that i have been coming across, but i haven’t been able to do much. why? simply because i haven’t able to set up my oven in the place i […]

Cinnamon Rice Pudding

  rice pudding is one of those dishes that is common to several cultures around the world: some make elaborate versions, some just boil stuff together, some garnish with rose water, raisins or nuts, while even others add in an egg yolk (or two) to make it a cream concoction. the rice pudding i am familiar with is from South India – typically made with cooked […]

Chocolate Cake with Cherry Filling and Chocolate Frosting

think chocolate cake and cherries – and the first image that probably springs to mind is a black forest cake. and that was what i had actually set out to make. using a time-tested recipe for chocolate cake from The Joy of Vegan Baking (which i had mentioned once before in my Chocolate Cupcakes post) i breezed […]

Cake Truffles

i have been wanting to make cake truffles (aka cake balls/cake bon bons) for ages now. i saw them for the first time as Christmas Truffles at Exclusively Food and then subsequently as uber-cute cake pops in Bakerella’s website. and boy are they tempting! little (or not so little) bites of cake and frosting that are coated in chocolate […]