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Dhoklas And Corriander Chutney

when i was thinking about what i should blog about after all these months, i kept thinking of sweet things – a cake maybe, or something to do with chocolate. but life has a way of changing your plans! ūüôā last night, i had dhoklas and green chutney for dinner, and when i saw the […]

Mushrooms in Coconut Milk Curry

i should probably call this post “the nearly forgotten one” – given that i wrote down¬†the recipe¬†ages ago,¬†but¬†forgot to post¬†it. i first tasted¬†this curry¬†some months back –¬†my mum¬†had made¬†it for dinner¬†when i had a friend over.¬†it was a nice change from the paneer and mixed-vegetable options that i usually resort to when i cook for […]

Stuffed Mini Brinjals

i have to come right out and admit it: i don’t like brinjals. my family and close friends might even ask me to amend it to strongly dislike. just why don’t i like this cheerful purple vege? can’t say except that i have never liked it, right from young. there have been many times when […]

Scrambled Tofu

the first time i¬†tried¬†scrambled tofu was about three years back. my¬†friend¬†Saras¬†had cooked¬†it for me¬†and i absolutely loved it! ūüôā¬†but i never tried making it after that. why? because i have always had a bit of¬†problem when cooking tofu. even something as simple as cutting up and frying tofu cubes turns into¬†something else – i¬†end up […]

Easy-Peasy Pizza

yesterday evening, i was sitting on my couch, trying to figure out what it was that i wanted for dinner. now, i don’t usually engage in such deep thought -almost everyday, it is a case of going to¬†the shop and buying whatever is appealing. but there are times when a craving comes into the picture. […]