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Cupcake Decoration Techniques

yes, i know i haven’t posted anything in a while. can searing heat and smothering humidity be cited as a reason for not going near the kitchen? maybe the fact that i have been down with occasional bouts of flu/headache/stomach ache/etc. okay, truth is, i have been trying out some recipes, but they backfired. i […]

Home-made Pasta Sauce

  in the not-so-distant past, i was hit by a pasta craving and decided that i would make myself some spaghetti. when i checked my bottle of pasta sauce, i realised that it was past its expiry date. as i pencilled in pasta sauce into my grocery list, the thought struck me that i could […]

Home-made Paneer (Cottage Cheese)

i love paneer. frankly, i cant imagine what the world would be like if paneer had never been invented – no more paneer butter masala, paneer tikka or even good old palak paneer! oh man, thats a scary thought! anyways, coming back to the present, i usually use Amul’s paneer, but i  haven’t been able to get my […]

Strawberry Jam

strawberries are among my favourite fruits. when i was a kid, i was fascinated by their shape and appearance and loved anything related to it  – like my ‘strawberry shortcake’ story book and clothes that had strawberry shapes on them 🙂 ironically, i didnt get to eat any strawberries as they were not available in madras [india], where i lived. i dont remember when […]