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Bread Upma – the Sunday brunch version

Those from the south of India would know what ‘bread upma’ is – it is a variation of a traditional dish made with bread. But it is typically bland, tastes far too strongly of turmeric and generally fails to impress. But this version is the answer to all those who wished for something more interesting. […]

Dhoklas And Corriander Chutney

when i was thinking about what i should blog about after all these months, i kept thinking of sweet things – a cake maybe, or something to do with chocolate. but life has a way of changing your plans! đŸ™‚ last night, i had dhoklas and green chutney for dinner, and when i saw the […]

Onion Fritters

it is said that the first six years of your life are the most important – when everything that happens around you leaves an impression on you. i am sure food falls into that category as well. i have long-standing loves that have their roots in fond childhood memories. and as you might have guessed, these […]

Corn & Paneer Cutlets

this is actually a re-worked version of a corn cutlet my mum used to make. she used to buy corn cobs, grate them down and then mix in some breadand other stuff, pat them up intopatties and fry them. i still remember the first time she tried it out – i teased her about using corn […]