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  1. resonance/Blue Irises · · Reply

    Yamini in Singapore:
    Thank you so much for the recipes, the preparations in
    process photographs, for the really interesting commentaries
    as you go along. I enjoy them thoroughly!
    P.S. Especially the attention given to seasonal tastes and basic
    whole food vegan w/butter 😉 ingredients!

    1. hi Chana,
      great to know u like the recipes and enjoy reading the blog! 🙂 where r u from btw?

      1. resonance/Blue Irises · ·

        Hi, again, Yamini,
        I was born in Brookyn, N.Y.
        Travelled some briefly through
        parts of Asia, the middle east, and the north of
        India. One child was born while I
        was living in H.K. So I relate to your
        travels and sojourn as an expatriate.
        I’ve lived in Manhattan for
        the last forty years where it seems the
        whole world has returned with me;-)
        Here’s to you! ! ! ! ! !


  2. Hi Yamini!!!

    Ur blog is so wonderful! 🙂 I can’t wait to try out ur receipes 🙂
    Keep up the great job!

    1. Thanks Reeta 🙂 Glad u like my blog 🙂 do let me know how the recipes turn out and feel free to share suggestions for improvement 🙂

  3. anand · · Reply

    Hi Yamini
    Your Dad pointed this out to some of us, and so I took a peek…very nice indeed! I will try the Microwave Brinjals and let you know how that turns out…haven’t tried that in a microwave ever 🙂 Live in the SF Bay Area.

    1. Thank you Anand (uncle)! glad to hear that you like the recipes 🙂 please do try out the MW brinjals and drop me a note to tell me how they turned out 🙂

  4. Great site Yamini

    It will be a while before I try some of the interesting stuff you have out there in the site
    Forwarded it to several of my friends including the newly weds – will be a good inspiration for folks to check out their cooking

    I am sure soon I will see a “Veggie Delights” Book by you !!

    Keep it up and share more !!


    1. It feels really good to read your comments KS (uncle). Please do try out the recipes and send me your comments on how they turned out and suggestions for improvements 🙂
      i am flattered you should think that writing a cookbook a possibility – and if it does come through, you will receive the first copy 🙂

  5. Naarayan · · Reply

    Yams – nice site and the recipes look yum.. the next time you come to India or I come to Sing.. eitherway.. you will have to make one of these Yummy cakes for me 🙂 good luck! inga yethaana kadai vekkanamna sollu.. branch open pannidalam :->

    1. Thanks Nara (aka Babs) 🙂 sure thing – just let me know which cake you want, and i’ll make it for you 🙂 let’s keep kadai plans in the pipeline for now – if it does take off, you shall handle my branch in chennai 🙂

  6. Harikrishnan · · Reply

    i luv food so lets go..

    1. i guess food is one more thing that brings us together! 🙂 birds of a feather do flock together! 🙂

  7. I am on class 2 of the series, the first class where we leaned how to make butter cream the instructor gave us a ton of tips on how to dense up our basic box cakes using pudding or dream whip added to the mix, I have found that to be very valuable and my cakes are great. Some of the flowers look easy but take lots of practice but with lots of royal icing you can get to the point where your cakes look professional. I love the class and the teachers they are patient and kind and really help you master the technic.

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