Recipe Index


 Banana and chocolate chunk muffins (eggless)

♥ Chocolate cupcakes with orange buttercream frosting (eggless)

♥ Orange and cranberry cookies (eggless)

♥ Microwave (eggless) chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream frosting

♥ Vanilla and chocolate-chips mini cake loaves (eggless)

♥ Chocolate cake with cherry filling and smooth chocolate frosting (eggless)

♥ Orange blueberry muffins (eggless)

♥ Oatmeal, raisin and chocolate-chip cookies (eggless)

♥ Dates and walnuts muffins (eggless)

Marble cake (eggless)

Breads/Scones/Other bakes:

♥ Banana loaf with walnuts and chocolate chips (eggless)

♥ Scones

♥ Cinnamon rolls (eggless)

♥ Shortbread squares

♥ Easy-peasy pizza

♥ Almond biscotti

Lite Bites/Smoothies:

♥ Honey joy – mini cornflakes bites

♥ Mango oatmeal smoothie

♥ Pancakes

♥ Rainy day treats: nachos and masala peanuts

♥ Cottage cheese-stuffed baked portobello mushrooms

♥ Corn and paneer cutlets

♥ Onion fritters

Dinner/Lunch Recipes: 

♥ Scrambled tofu

♥ Spicy bittergourd rings

♥ Pita pockets with mint dip

♥ Spicy Okra

♥ Stuffed mini brinjals

♥ Chole/channa masala

♥ Mushrooms in coconut milk curry

♥ Dhoklas and corriander chutney


♥ Gulab jamuns

♥ Microwave kalakand

♥ Shahi tukra

♥ Cake truffles

♥ Cinnamon rice pudding

♥ Chocolate-coated marshmallow pops

Cake and custard pudding


♥ Masala base for indian gravies

♥ Strawberry jam

♥ Home-made paneer (cottage cheese)

♥ Home-made pasta sauce

♥ Mangai thokku (Raw mango pickle)


♥ Completing Wilton’s basic cake decorating course 1

♥ Cooking pasta, al dente

♥ Books to have and to keep

Traditional cooking:

♥ Mangai Pachadi

Restaurant/Foodie Reviews:

More recent reviews at The Foodie Eateth 

♥ Annalakshmi

♥ Julie & Julia

♥ Blue Riboon Chocolates

♥ Ling Zhi

♥ Lunch in the city

♥ Lemongrass

*Scrambled Tofu photo by Neil Madhvani
*Orange cake, Cinnamon Rolls, Satay photos by Saraswathi Raja Krishnan 


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